When the Day is Long and Full of Terror

We all have them. Long, never-ending, extremely draining days. For most moms, the lines blur (more like vanish) when it comes to  closing time for mommy duties. Meeting the needs of little people on top of other things can sometimes be the icing on the cake (not in a good way)!

The title of this entry is a play off of (my favorite show) Game of Thrones. The original phrase is “the night is long and full of terror.” Some days feel like that, full of terror! What do you do when your day has extended way past what you intended or prepared for? I’ll tell you 5 things I do to get through (or sometimes over) a rough day.

1. Take a Deep Breath

Actually, it doesn’t hurt to take a few deep, slow breaths. Several studies show that deep, slow breathing help your body to naturally combat stress. When I start feeling overwhelmed by the day, I start breathing; long and slow.

2. Train of Thought

I am a firm believer that your thoughts shape your world. When I get weary from the demands of the day, I try to change my thoughts. Whether it’s placing my mind on something else (besides what’s bothering me), pondering a different perspective about what I’m experiencing, or reflecting on a different time I conquered a terror-filled day. Sometimes, I allow myself to daydream about a peaceful oasis far away. Take your pick, the entire point is to give your mind a break from the negative.

3. Hide Away

I am by no means saying it’s okay to drop everything and leave (even though you may feel like it). What I am saying, take a good old fashioned time-out. Take a small restroom break (my favorite as a stay at home mom), a quick walk down the hall and back, or something resembling a quick to-yourself moment. These are some of my favorite times to get a prayer or two in, it really helps me!

4. Sneak a Treat

I feel like nothing makes a hard day better than a little TLC! I usually treat myself to something food-related, but other times I go for things that make me feel good. I love running a bubble bath with a calming scented candle, making a solo store run (sometimes just to window shop), or drinking a glass of my favorite juice (oh wait, that’s food related). Know thyself, do something you like, just for you!

5. Sleep it Off

I know we don’t get nap time, but if you get a moment for downtime, do not underestimate the power of the power nap. Sometimes I can only sneak in 10 minutes, but it helps smooth my frazzled nerves and keep it pushing. If you can’t find time for a power nap, give yourself a pass to go to bed early or to sleep in the next morning.

The point is, make sure you are aware of your well-being. You can’t take great care of everyone else if you don’t take great care of yourself. So, when the day is long and full of terror, be certain, some self care is in order.


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