Toddler Tales: Sleep Interrupted

This is not just a sweet photo of my two youngest together. This is a moment I rarely capture, but often experience; the moment that AJ (the little cute toddler to the right) interrupts his baby sister’s sleep.

Make no mistake about it, she’s not the only one that he lies in wait for. Usually, AJ does his best sleep interruptions on me!

A typical sleep interruption session for AJ is waking up around 6:30-6:45 AM, walking directly into my room, getting under the blankets, snuggling up very close to my face, and saying “Morning Momma,” in his loudest whispering voice.

If he is still sleepy, he will lay down and go back to sleep, but in most instances, that is not his style. He frequently prefers to “whisper-shout” his toddler list of demands which range from what he wants for breakfast to what he wants to watch on tv.

Even if I immediately get up and meet his demands, he’s not genuinely satisfied until he pulls off his favorite sleep interruption of all, waking up his baby sister, Amana. He gets great joy when he sees her little head pop up as she rubs her eyes and flashes him the biggest smile she has.

He responds the same way everyday, smiles back at her and says, “Mana is happy to see me mom!”

I groggily reply, “Yes, she’s very happy to see you AJ.”

Once that happens, then the day can truly begin. Of course, the adventures and possibilities are endless from there. Stay tuned for more Toddler Tales.

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