Black Breastfeeding Week 2017

August was breastfeeding month, which I was fairly familiar with, but this year I was introduced to Black Breastfeeding Week for the first time (it’s been going 5 years strong). My close friend invited me to an awesome event sponsored by a local breastfeeding support group. I learned so much, became so inspired, and strengthened by hearing and sharing with other black breastfeeding women. On social media I saw so many inspiring, beautiful, and powerful images shared through Instagram; I mean, this movement and celebration was enlightening to me.

At the breastfeeding event, I met several other black mothers who were breastfeeding. Some of the women tandem fed (nursing more than one child consecutive at a time), some were pregnant and preparing to breastfeed, and some were successfully breastfeeding their toddler children. Each of us had different stories, backgrounds, and lifestyles; but shared this amazing organic connection, being a source of nourishment for our children. It wasn’t about bashing mothers that don’t breastfeed, or judging your struggle, it was simply about celebrating the fact that you committed to take on the task! 

We acknowledged and shared our highs and lows, and in between each story there were applauses, cheers, and words of encouragement from all of these beautiful mothers. The room was filled with a sense of unity, tranquility and joy. I left feeling so empowered, and (despite my own breastfeeding challenges), enthusiastic about continuing this part of my motherhood journey.

The one other important thing that I took with me from the event, is that committing to breastfeeding powered intrinsically. That there is a core reason within your heart of hearts that keeps you going to keep nursing when your baby is fussy, cluster feeding, latching improperly or biting your breasts. This core reason is the mojo for fueling another try, troubleshooting and clever solutions. Just the resolve to do something that is both challenging and sacrificial is beautiful, and deserves to be honored.

To find out more information about Black Breastfeeding Week, click here


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