DIY Life Hack: Hampers

I am definitely one of those moms who finds a way to re-purpose almost everything.  From leftovers to empty containers, I just can’t help but try to get more than one use out of things. So it would come as no surprise to know that I kept my pack-and-play playpen from when AJ was a baby, although we never used it as a playpen for him. He never liked being inside, so I chose to keep it and use it as a toy box.

Unfortunately, as AJ got older, and more adventurous, he started climbing in and out of the playpen and eventually the sides gave out. So, I knew I needed a new place to put all of his toys, but felt like I needed something out of the ordinary to work with my flow.

I have a fairly spacious living room area that my family refers to as “the den.” This is where we spend most of our time as a family, watching TV, playing, and even entertaining during the holidays. The playpen worked in the den because it was easy to place it along the side wall behind our love seat (it was inconspicuous, and functional). Now that it was broken, I needed something that was functional and not an eye-sore.

I was dreading getting plastic toy bins, or something big and bulky, but then out of the blue, I found it! The perfect solution to my toy clutter needs; large, sturdy, stylish hampers! I was out at the store doing some bulk-shopping, and as soon as I saw them, I knew I’d found exactly what I had been  looking for. Below is my YouTube video with full description, view of the hampers, and here to find them for an amazing price.

What I Love About Them

  • Extremely affordable (even less than I shared on the video tutorial!)
  • Well-made (AJ is a rough and tough toddler boy!)
  • At a kid-friendly height
  • Stylish, they don’t look like “toy boxes”
  • Space-saving shape (fit closely and neatly next to each other)
  • They will be easy to re-purpose (can stay in the den or be moved elsewhere).

As an added bonus, now that AJ can easily reach his toys, he’s been much more excited  to put them away! He’s been picking up his toys everyday since I made the switch! After you watch my YouTube video, make sure to subscribe for more innovative tips!


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