On a Cloudy Autumn Day: A Review of Jenny Bean

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. The beautiful color changes in nature, the reprieve from the sweltering Southern California summers, and of course my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

It doesn’t rain a whole lot in Southern California, but there are quite a few days of overcast, cloudy weather. On a cloudy autumn day, I love for my home to feel warm and relaxed. When it is dark and dingy outside, it totally affects your day; it’s like the universe is pulling on you to have a day of laziness. To stay in bed and rest, to be in energy-conservation-mode, to let your hair go, and leave your home life duties to the side. It’s nice to have those days every now and again, but some days you are not able to have one of those days. Most days, both Amana and AJ rise with sun, even when it’s not shining as bright.

It’s a dim and cloudy autumn day and I just got done making breakfast for AJ. I have a long list of to-dos, but the gloomy lighting makes me want to climb back into bed. I decide to start some laundry. AJ is playing and Amana is following me around the house as I gather the misplaced clothes and toys from the day before. I suddenly realize it’s the perfect day for candle burning!

I excitedly grab my Jenny Bean Pear Pomegranate candle from its neat white box. When I lifted the lid I immediately smelled the warm and calming fragrance of the candle. I followed the instructions for use, and slightly trimmed the all natural wooden wick. I lit the candle and continued with my duties around the house.

Within a short period of time the air in my home filled with the warm fruity scent of pomegranate and pear. My tired, groggy mood began to lighten, I felt energized. I moved some of my work closer to the candle, just to be in the presence blossoming perfume it released. As I sat on the couch I could pick up the gentle crackling sound of the wood wick. The sound was soothing, and the delicate flickering of the fire reminded me of a small wood burning fireplace.

I spent nearly 4 hours near the candle, folding clothes, picking up the house, and of course, blogging. It was nearly time to leave the house, so I decided to put out the candle, I grabbed a spoon and poured a generous scoop of the melted soy wax along the wick to put out the flame. When I returned home from running errands, the house still smelled wonderful. This was a cloudy day to remember, by far one my best, most productive, yet relaxing gloomy days.

After my cloudy autumn day experience with Jenny Bean candles, I would highly recommend their candles. Not only did I enjoy their beautifully fragrant candle, but I simply went to mush over all the love that Jenny puts into her work. Included with the hand-poured candle, I received two scratcher cards, one with an encouraging message and the other with a coupon to use on my next purchase.

As a fellow mompreneur, it warmed my heart to see how she included her family in the thank you and message cards. I love seeing other women winning in life; working hard to pursue their dreams and goals all while being graceful, fierce, and wearing the many hats that their life calls them to wear. Take a look at Jenny Bean Candles & Body Works, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect item for your next self-care day, gift for a loved one, or even holiday or hosting event.

I was provided the featured product for free in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own and not influenced by the developing company or their affiliates.


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