DIY: How to make Christmas Cone Trees

Here is my take on one of my favorite holiday decorations, the Christmas cone tree! I was inspired to step out of my shell this year and use more non-traditional colors for my decorating.

While shopping at Michaels, I saw all these wonderful brightly colored Christmas decorations. It wasn’t the first time I had seen Boho themed Christmas decor, but it was certainly the first time I was completely smitten by it! I quickly decided, I had to find a way to integrate my new found color scheme. I started browsing through the different isles of the store to find a way to add my homemade touch. I was casually strolling through the aisles when, I saw it, plain paper mache cones. I knew I found my crafting match. I was going to use my cool new Christmas colors, and I was going create Christmas cone trees to do it!

I will be sharing gift ideas including how to use these Christmas cones as cool DIY holiday gifts! Remember to comment, follow, share, and subscribe!


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