Happy New Year Countdown: One Word

We’re right at the door of 2018. I’m certain celebrations and festivities are in order for this evening. I am hoping that we all have been doing some reflecting and planning for the upcoming year. Reflecting helps us to see where we have been and to assess what changes need to be made to get us where we want to go. Planning is our blueprint, or roadmap that gets us moving in the right direction. I’m excited to share one way to help set the plans in motion; one word!

In my most recent live video on Facebook, we talked about choosing one word for 2018 that will define or drive the year. I know picking one word is difficult, but I think one way to think of it would be a word that describes your movement for the year. If it’s thought of as a movement and not just an idle word, it will help you bring the word to life.

I read a wonderful article by Michelle Garrett for Mom 2.0, on selecting your one word for the year. She added a point that stuck with me, she shared that your one word should be incorporated in your daily routine. So, when you’re thinking about what yours will be, just remember it is a marathon, not a sprint. The word will help shape the way you approach your day-to-day and help you focus on whatever your goal is for 2018.

I have also seen different people use three connecting words that go along with the one word that describe, explain, or plan out how they will execute their one word for that year. For example, if the one word for the year is FAITH, three connecting words can be study, share, and speak. So everyday you can plan to study things that connect or build your faith, share experiences that showed faith or talk to others about their faith, and speak things that align with your faith; everyday. This reaffirms your word and makes it a living and moving action.

Believe it or not, this is my first year doing the one word. Last year, I started something mid-year that was similar to the one word, but on a smaller scale. I will still continue to do it, so I will share that method during the month of January, so you can join in too.

It’s important to push yourself to grow in every aspect of life. Remember you are remarkable, a living, breathing, amazing work of art. You cannot be duplicated or depreciated, the fact that you are you is the most rare and precious of things. The more you learn and live and grow, the more valuable and precious you become! Go into the year knowing that while you may face new challenges in unknown territories, you are more than well equipped and will come out better for all of it.

May this year be your best yet, full of love and sunshine!

With a warm heart,

Chara Jané

Please take a moment to share what your one word is! I’ll be revealing my one word later today. Go ahead, follow and like on Facebook so you don’t miss it.


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