Meet Chara Jané

Hello! I’m Chara an energetic and passionate mom blogger. I reside in sunny Southern California, in the
Inland Empire area. I am a mother to brilliant 11-year-old twin boys, an energetic 2-year-old boy, an adventurous princess baby girl, and a wife to my wonderful, supportive husband.

I was a single mother of my beautiful twin boys for 6 years, until I married the love of my life. I have been navigating and defining what love, marriage, and parenting looks like for the last 5 years and it’s been an amazing and interesting journey.  From my experiences as a single mother, a wife, a pastor’s daughter born and raised in church, to becoming a minister, and a women of creativity and drive, I have built connections with other women of diverse backgrounds.

I started this blog as a way to reach out to other mothers; to be a source of encouragement by sharing my triumphs and challenges. I have a heart to help others and  have used my empathy and ability to connect in my working experiences as a Special Education Instructional Assistant and as an Eligibilty Worker. Since transitioning to working from home, I have been able to operate a small jewelry and accessories business, serve faithfully in ministry at my home church, and stand as a helpmate with my husband in cultivating a loving home for our children. I love sharing the “sunshine of life,” with everyone I meet.

I am probably best known for my bubbly, positive, personality, it has been something that has always defined me. My name, Chara, is Greek for joy. I love to see things with optimism and hope. While I share my stories to encourage women, I also share the things that make up my sunshine of life, in hopes that they too, will discover their sunshine and never stop spreading it!

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